Sunday, September 18, 2011

You vs. Universe

Don't worry, I haven't gone mad, this isn't about philosophy. You and Universe are Volvo's latest concepts and I'm keen to introduce them. Let's start with the older one - Volvo Universe, introduced earlier this year in Shanghai. It brings out completely new design using some classic lines from Volvo archives. I love it, the front grill looks very funky as well as the headlamps... This isn't a description you would expect for a Volvo design. And the bonnet is just somehow awesome. I'm not so sure about the rear lights though, they are a bit 'Jaguarish'.

Volvo Universe

Volvo You, unveiled at IAA Frankfurt, looks very simmilar, but it's a completely different car. It's design is affected by Geely's purchase of Volvo. It's a bit less funky, but still very good looking. I absolutely love the name - can you imagine the conversation? 'What's your ride? .. You. .. Me?!'

Volvo You
And if you still find the Volvo design a bit conservative, just look at the interior... Volvo, safe and slick :-)
 Volvo You - interior
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  1. I like the volvo me better. By me I mean you.

  2. Both look amazing, but I like the exterior of the first and the interior of the second.

  3. Looks nothing like volvo i'm thinking of! +followed, and feel free to check out my newly started blog!