Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I've just seen the Thor movie and I did not enjoy it at all. This isn't just any regular Marvel flick, this one is really overdone! I'm a big fan of Age of Mythology, I loved the frost giants there and all the Norse gods. All there buildings were realistic and contemporary. So you can imagine I didn't like the modern look as seen in the movie, oh boy, this could have been a much, much better movie if it was set in the Vikings era. Natalie Portman, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the hammer of god combined? I don't think so...

  Have you seen it? And did you enjoy it? Or are you as cross as me and loved the AoM gods?

Anyway, here's some picture to ease up the mood...

And I'm also planning on some design improvements this week, so stay tuned! :-)

Monday, August 29, 2011


Yesterday me and my mate went for an epic roadtrip throughout the country (just kidding, it was like 120km). I've got a Nissan 200sx and he's got Skoda Octavia, which is on of the most common cars in Czech Republic. My car got some sporty tuning, so the suspension is quite hard and the ride isn't that comfortable, especially on local roads. But it's fast! :D

   We decided to go for a swim in a nearby dam and visit a famous hill climb track called Ecce Homo. As we climbed the hill like pros, we stumbled upon a race that was going on there as well. We had to turn around and come back later. Time to go for a swim, it took us an hour or so to find a place suitable for swimming, but in the end we found the best one. Nothing better than a swim in some cold water on these summer days! Anyway, we chilled there for entire afternoon and then went back.

I decided to have another go on that hill climb, but from the opposite direction. Here's some footage:


Sorry for slightly bad camera angle, I used the redneck style camera - taped my phone to the rearview mirror :D And it somehow looks very slow, but trust me when you're sitting there, it's pretty damn fast! It was my second attempt on that track, so I really didn't know the corners, but I tried to go as fast as my car and brain let me. And cooked the brakes doing so, the last few corners I had literally no brakes at all! :D

I hope you enjoy the footage, although it might have been much better. Rev up!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fire in the house!

Today I was woken up by a smell of burning wheat and a fire alarm. At first I thought it was far away so I fell back to sleep... 5 mins later a firetruck passed my window and stopped just behind our house. I quickly got up and ran to the garden to check out what was going on. Some IDIOT thought it was a good idea to burn leftover bark and sawdust he got from chopping some wood earlier this week. Hell yeah! The temperatures were above 30 degrees celsius all week long, so the corn field behind our house was really dry. The fire got out of control very, very fast, so he ran away, coward! My dad called those fire-fighters and they quickly regained control of it. What a wonderful day, had my dad been sleeping at the time, our whole house could have burnt to ashes. Thanks, dad! And cheers to that idiot... How would you punish him for his idiocy?

Anyway, tommorow I'm going on a road trip with my mate, so you can expect some report and even possible on-board footage from my car (it's a Nissan 200sx).

Friday, August 26, 2011


I've been playing DOTA a lot for past few years, but I took a year off so I didn't know what was going on in DOTA world at the moment. Anyway, my friend sent me this link and said "dude, you gotta watch this, it's awesomeness in it's purest form", so I was like "whatever, it's some of those shitty links he is always sending me". Then I got a little bored so I checked it out. It was a live stream of DOTA 2 International tournament... It kept me nailed to the screen all week, I literally watched every game and enjoyed it very much.

At first the new graphic engine by Valve was a bit weird, but then I got used to it and I actually think it's awesome. Well, it took some time to memorise all those new avatars and item pics. The gameplay is unchanged, still one of the best online arena RPG based games.

The International tournament that took place August 17th -21st at gamescom in Cologne, Germany was amazing. 16 teams in a fierce battle for winnig prize of 1 million dollars (!!!), 1.6 million prize money in total divided among the best 8. I was hoping for some great performance by SGC, because these guys are actually from my country. That didn't end well, but I have to admit there were much better teams. The finalist were EHOME (China) and Na'vi (Ukraine), I don't want to spoil you the experience, so I won't tell you who won. But you can watch all the replays here. You'll witness some amazing DOTA action with excellent commentary by Slesh and Tobi Wan, big props to those guys! You can also sign for beta or wait till the game is out later this year.

After "living DOTA" for a week I decided to resume playing it and I really enjoy it now. I'm really looking forward to playing this amazing game, so what's your opinion? Do you play it? Do you like the new graphics? Did you enjoy the International as much as I did?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I just created a new blog

Hey guys, I finally decided to make my own account and share some thoughts and interesting things with you all. I'll try to update my blog as frequently as possible, just hope I won´t run out of topics to share :-) Anyway, I think this will be a whole new and exciting experience for me, so keep on following.