Friday, September 2, 2011

BMW recalls 120k cars

Have you worked hard and finally decided to buy a decent car? Yes! So you pay a visit tou your local car dealership and for some unknown reasons it's a BMW dealership. But which one should I buy? There are so many models... You finally decide to go for a 5 series and because the petrol prices went through the roof recently you buy a diesel one. What a smart choice... or is it? One day a telephone wakes you up in the morning and it's a BMW employee histerically screaming your car is dangerous and in some rare cases it can even burn you to death. Oh hell no, I should have bought an Audi or a Mercedes instead, runs through your mind. Yes, you really should have... But that's not the point.

   It seems lately the car manufacturers really mess up. BMW now recalls 120k cars because of a fuel filter malfunction and it's not just the 5 series, it's actually 1, 5, 7, X3, X5 and X6! You think this is the only case?
  • GM recalled 1.5 million cars because of a screenwasher malfunction (fire possible)
  • GM recalled 250k cars because the seat belts weren't working properly (death possible)
  • GM recalled 100k Cadillac CTS's, the airbag didn't work (death possible) ...Jeez, GM, do something about it! 
  • Toyota recalled 100k Priuses (every single car of the first generation) - steering and transmission issue
   And the big one: Toyota recalled 14 million!! cars over the last two years, no biggie, just the gas pedal jammed flatout from time to time. This could lead to some serious performance! Or, you know, a nearby tree.

  I mean how could this even happen? Apparently they just don't test the cars properly to discover some serious issues. Shame on you! And you would think that Toyota's and BMW's build quality and reliability were bulletproof.


  1. For such a big firm, they're not really smart. -.-'

  2. the toyota incident was a big shock because i was planning to get an Auris of that generation.
    thank got i chose a volvo :D

  3. I cannot believe that the mighty BMW would have to recall anything. That's crazy!

  4. WOW! Never thought BMW would let something like this happen... kinda disappointed.

  5. It's all about money for car companies. Crank out a product, collect a paycheck.