Thursday, September 1, 2011

Whopping design!

To stop my eyes from bleeding every single time I look at my blog, I decided to do some design improvements. I've also changed the name of my blog, because writing about everything that comes to mind isn't somehow satisfactory enough. So what does the World on four wheels stand for? Well, you can expect some fresh information about anything that moves fast and has some wheels on it! I'm a big petrolhead, I really am. Anytime something interesting happens in the motoring world, I will be there to summarize it and share it with you, guys.

   Just what do you mean by that? I'm thinking some reports from car shows, reviews of the newest models, commentating on concept cars, even doing some mini-series on car legends, or a brief history of some famous brands. Maybe some tutorials, the possibilites really are endless. So hold on, because I'm gonna dip your head in petrol!

Any feedback on the new design or theme is as always appreciated.